Cooperatively conceived, developed and run, Mascher is a home for new dance in Philadelphia.
In true Co-op style, we pool our skills, ideas, and resources.
We offer affordable space and a nurturing community.
We value discussion and inclusion. We prioritize process. We welcome you.

Workshop with luciana achugar

Mascher Space Coop is bringing luciana achugar to Philly for a week-long workshop!

Monday, October 6 – Friday, October 10, 2014 (9am – 12pm)

"OTRO TEATRO" from April, 2014 @ NYLA by Ian Douglas

“OTRO TEATRO” from April, 2014 @ NYLA by Ian Douglas

at Mascher Space (155 Cecil B Moore Ave. Phila, PA 19122)

$90-125 Sliding Scale Regular Price

$75-110 Sliding Scale with Dance Pass

$20-35 Daily Rate

We will practice being in pleasure and giving our bodies a voice. A practice of growing a new body, as one would grow a plant; a utopian body; a sensational body; a connected body; an anarchic body; a body full/filled with pleasure, with love and with magic…………. with a brain that melted down to the flesh, the bones, the guts, the skin… and with eyes that see without naming and see without knowing.

luciana achugar is a Brooklyn-based choreographer from Uruguay who grew as an artist in close dialogue with the NY and Montevideo contemporary dance communities. She began making work collaboratively with Levi Gonzalez in 1999, and in 2002 she started working independently. Her work is concerned with the post-colonial world, searching for an undoing of current power structures from the inside out. She is a two-time “Bessie” recipient, a Guggenheim Fellow and Creative Capital Grantee.


Mascher is a 2014 Bartol Grant Recipient

We’re happy to announce that Mascher is a 2014 recipient of the Bartol Foundation Grant! Thanks to Community Engagement Coordinator Christina Gesualdi for all her efforts in making this happen.

With help from the Bartol Foundation Mascher can continue our outreach program, pairing up with Kat Richter and The Lady Hoofers and Moffet Elementary School to offer a long-term tap immersion for 60 fifth grade students from the neighboring school.

This past fall, the students received free tap shoes thanks to Access to the Arts and free weekly tap lessons at Mascher for three months. We plan on bringing more tap classes to Moffet kids through the coming school year, and we look forward to an informal sharing and showing in the spring, where we can bring together students’ tap and tap composition with Mascher Artists in Residence.

Stay tuned for future updates and to learn how to get involved! For now, read up about the amazing educators – Kat Richter and The Lady Hoofers – and find out more about Moffet Elementary School and its mission. You can also see Bartol’s awesome mission here and check out the other 2014 grantees, many of which are also located and/or provide arts education in Kensington.

June News from Mascher Cooperators

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10317783_10203565625802753_3260276998479296658_oPicture of H-O-T Series with Loren Groenendaal. The H-O-T Series of Philadelphia is a monthly series curated by dance artist Loren Groenendaal and experimental percussionist flandrew fleisenberg that features improvisational dance, music, and other experimental performance from local and touring artists.

Mascher Space Open House

March 29th, 2 – 5 PM

>> RSVP and find more info on facebook

Mascher Open House small

- Drop by to see our versatile space; it is all spruced up and spring cleaned.
- Chill with the Artists in Residence of Mascher over snacks!
- Chat with members of our geographic community and Philly’s art community.
- Bring cards to promote your own spring or summer shows.
- Maybe meet your next sound designer, choreographer, or soulmate (no pressure…)

EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS will be entered into a drawing for 3 FREE HOURS of Rehearsal Space, AND we are offering an EARLY BIRD Fringe rental discount… come by to find out the details.

We hope to see you there!

Thank you to our Indiegogo supporters!

We raised $3,000 with the help of 56 fabulous funders. Thank you to everyone who participated!  The idea of crowd-source funding is completely in line with our values of collective support as an artist coop – we go far when everyone pitches in a little!

Make a holiday gift to Mascher Space Cooperative!

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We are the only cooperatively-managed performing arts residency program in Philadelphia. Mascher primarily thrives on the member dues of its Artists-in-Residence (AIRs), and their volunteer hours. Our expenses have increased while our member dues have stayed low, and now we need you- our audience, community, and partners to support our continued financial stability.

This past year, we’ve supported 24 artists and companies. We’ve presented some amazing programs, and made some great improvements to the space. We want to continue the work we are doing!

Upcoming Events:

Featuring performances by artists in residence:
Christina Gesualdi, Gregory Holt, and Marcel W. Foster

at Mascher Space Cooperative,
155 Cecil B. Moore Ave. (2R), Philadelphia, Pa. 19122

$30/$20 (DancePass or underemployed) Festival Pass
$15/$10 (DancePass or underemployed) for 1 performance

Buy tickets for a microfestival of stubborn occasions: FESTIVAL PASS.   
Buy tickets for Christina Gesualdi – our nebulous motor OR Sunday’s my nebulous solo
Buy tickets for Greg Holt – Centurion
Buy tickets for Marcel W. Foster – #JaneGoodallDrama


FRIDAY 11/15
10AM Christina Gesualdi, our nebulous motor
7PM Marcel W. Foster, #JaneGoodallDrama
9PM Gregory Holt, Centurion
10PM Christina Gesualdi, our nebulous motor

2PM Marcel W. Foster, #JaneGoodallDrama
4PM Gregory Holt, Centurion
7PM Marcel W. Foster, #JaneGoodallDrama
9PM Gregory Holt, Centurion
10PM Christina Gesualdi, our nebulous motor

SUNDAY 11/17
7PM Marcel W. Foster, #JaneGoodallDrama
9PM Christina Gesualdi, my nebulous solo

zoom out:

The microfestival as a whole is a space where choreography is given permission to exist in the in-betweens. It is more than the sum of its parts. As a microcosm of Mascher, Christina, Gregory, and Marcel ask, “how can our processes exist alongside each other as we, as researchers and makers, slip deeper into our own distinct approaches: somatic, theoretical, theatrical?” With the Festival Pass, you can affordably experience all three performances (a micro-vacation perhaps?); we intentionally invite shifts of perception from performance to performance.microfestF1 copy

zoooooom in:

Christina Gesualdi presents our nebulous motor, a performative installation in the fire escape hallway of Mascher. Droney-drone. float-y float…it’s a torpedo drifting. Submerged shifts bubble up in this experiential-mashed-potatoes-of-a-piece. Performed by Christina Gesualdi and Alice Yorke, this duet takes place in a gritty pocket of space. Come prepared to get close, get what you need, and stay warm in the chilled hallway. This piece has a respect for time, the kind of time it takes for earlobes to get ancient and droopy.

When the work-in progress was performed in June, audience member and choreographer Annie Wilson noted, “Christina’s work manages to do something truly magical: to make everything boring, and then everything interesting, and then make the dancers’ bodies interesting, and then boring, and then your own bodily experience interesting, and then boring. About halfway through her work everything you look at, think about, touch, see, or smell, is fascinating.”

Words from Greg Holt:
Centurion will be a collection of 10,000 sequential, unrepeated movements; I’m showing between 1,000 and 2,000 in the mircrofest. 10,000 is both a real goal and also a fiction- it exists at the edge of what I can comprehend, and stands in for orders of magnitude beyond. It’s also a provocation which has me constantly revising what defines a movement and the dancing in between them.

Remembering and viewing are both challenged in this performance. The difficulty in viewing individual movements which are never seen again creates a mental space which operates in aggregates, but is filled with a sense of missing something. How can this dance be really seen? As an epic feat on an individual scale, this piece raises a monument which only exists in action. However, I claim that as a performance, it produces power, and as power, it creates immortality, perhaps even more than material objects which melt away.

#JaneGoodallDrama is a Jane Goodall lecture–gone wrong. The newest edition of the “comic delight” (Arts Blog) 2010 Fringe Show, The Jane Goodall: Experience, this performance is a drag-parody of Jane Goodall by Marcel Williams Foster who worked for five years with the Jane Goodall Institute studying wild chimpanzees in Tanzania. In just the past year, this new performance was presented by Philadelphia FringeArts, Stanford University, and the Nyuorican Poets Cafe, NYC. But the best part? (the actual) Jane loves pairing whisky and chocolate for her friends, so drag-Jane teamed-up with gourmet chef Katie Briggs of for a table of fine chocolates paired with Whisky as part of the interactive performance. Drink up and enjoy.

Franklin Method for Dancers with Shannon Murphy

July 22nd-26th, 10am-1pm
at Mascher Space Co-op.

Register Now! 
Email Lora Allen at

$15 drop in, $60 full week
$12/$50 full week
(Dance pass and past Mascher members for a year or more)

Mascher has been trying to host a workshop with Shannon for a while now.  Please don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Mascher receives funding to fulfill its mission!

Mascher thanks the Philadelphia Cultural Fund and the Samuel S. Fels Fund for their generous support. This year, Mascher Space Co-op received generous financial support from each of these organizations which will help sustain our mission to cultivate artistic vibrancy and foster new dance here in Philadelphia.

Monster Mayhem

Saturday, March 9th (8PM)

A FREE night of madness that feels like an art party.
A low-to-no tech celebration that happens once a year.

///UH…WHAT IS IT??///
This evening of performance is a chance for creators to show all the splattery half-ideas that they might feel foolish about exposing to the light of day.

Want to throw yourself wildly into the middle of a show like this and as the audience, experience it in its “oh my god…they really took a swing at that…awesome” glory?
RSVP here

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